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Best Desert Tracks

The most comprehensive book ever written on Australian Deserts - it defines them, those that aren't and challenges you to think about what you dream of seeing and get to see.

Winner The Best Book Based Product Award and the Prestigious Graham Stanton Award for Excellence at the IMTA (International Map Trade Association) Conference and Trade Show at the Gold Coast

Ian Glover's 30 years as a motoring/remote area travel journalist and Len Zell's science training, guide books written and educational experiences provide an enormously valuable resource for those wanting the best experience of our deserts.

333 pages
Lavishly illustrated with more than 600 colour photographs on gloss paper throughout

Complete atlas of Australia at 1:1,250,000

Spiral bound A4
Fold out front cover with Key diagram for maps and fold out of Legend for maps on back cover

Plants and animals guides – with 94 plants and 196 animals illustrated

Trek and site notes for 33 primary tracks in our deserts and semiaridlands
Not only is the text accurate and highly informative, the pictures superb, the plant and animal guides exciting and the strip and atlas maps brilliant but also it is in a spiral bound form allowing easy use in the Navigator's seat.

Selling for only $59.95 this is exceptional buying for a gift or the traveller and is available here online or at all good book and map shops.
Best Desert & Savannah Tracks
(with Ian Glover)


Desert Habitats
Chapter 1
Eyre Highway
Desert Plant Listings